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sand carved glass by Lex Melfi - Whale & Squid
Whale & Squid by Lex 
Please click for larger photo and details! 


~ Just Added! April 19th, 2017
Another Chance to Own an Exquisite Piece of 
Lex Melfi's Artwork. Don't pass this one by! 
Pure perfection at it's finest.

Boykin Spaniel Sand Carved Glass by Lex Melfi
Boykin Spaniel ~ Very Rare to find a piece like this 
Oval Frame 48" 
(the frame is gorgeous and photo doesn't display the frame correctly)
~ $25,000.00 ~
Click on photo to see the delicate details.

Here's another gorgeous piece of Lex's Artwork For Sale! 
Here is your chance to own one of Lex's art pieces! 

Sand Carved Glass Sea Turtle by Lex Melfi
Sand Carved Glass Sea Turtle $3,975.00
The outside of the handmade frame is 28". 
Your choice of 'Red Mahogany' or 'Gun Stock' stain finish.
Click on the sea turtle to see the exquisite details! 


Carolina Parakeet - Sand Carved Glass by Lex Melfi

Lex's new creations ~ Carolina Parakeet 
This artwork created for the "Bird Project"
"Sculpture in the South" 
Summerville, South Carolina
(Please click on it to enlarge to see the beautiful detail)

Beautiful Sea Scallop Shell
Artwork for a lovely lady in New Jersey
To the outside of the frame is 28"
(Click on the shell to see the beautiful detail)

Beautiful Friesian Horses
A must to enlarge to see the exquisite detail!
Just click on the horses to see how amazing!

Page's Okra Grill, Mt. Pleasant, SC ~ Sand Carved Glass created by Lex Melfi
Stunning new Sand Carved Glass Window for: 
Page's Okra Grill 
302 Coleman Blvd
Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464

click on the Okra to see larger! 


*Below you will find a Rare sale on Lex's Sand Carved Glass!
Get them while they are still available!

Items for sale:

Sand Carved Glass Great Horned Owl by Lex Melfi
This is a Great Horned Owl.
A gorgeous piece! 
This comes in a 36" tall hand crafted oval frame & 
sand carved in 1/2" glass. 
The owl is 21" tall lit with LED light 
 $ 4,985.00.

(Click on the owl to see larger and the precise detail) 

Framed Sand Carved Glass & Blue Heron & Octopus
These two exquisite pieces of art are in a 28" diameter hand crafted 
wood frame & sand carved in 1/2" glass. Beautifully lit with LED lights. 
The framed Blue Heron sales for $4,450.00 
& the framed Octopus $3,875.00.
(Click for larger photo with more detail)

Humming Bird Sun Catcher Sand Carved Glass by Lex Melfi

Beautiful Humming Bird Sun Catcher 
10" diameter on 1/4" glass 
(Click on the Hummingbird to see larger 
and the precise detail) 

More artwork for sale coming very soon! Stay tuned! 

Stunning Loggerhead Turtle created for Guy Harvey
*sorry not for sale* 
click for larger detail 

Fabulous Marlin Underwater Scene
created for Guy Harvey
*not for sale* 
click for larger detail

Earnest Hemingway & "The Marlin" 
A truly incredible piece and the detail is exquisite! 
Click to see the stunning and larger detail!
Lex created this and the other two pieces above this one
for Guy Harvey and are no longer for sale. 
Just wanted to show you the beauty of Lex's work
 & what can be achieved when he puts his heart & soul 
into creating sand carved glass masterpieces!


Sand Carved Glass by Lex Melfi (Romaine Evans upper left hand corner)
Michael & Romaine Evan's Beautiful Home! 
You can see Lex Melfi's completed 
& stunning artwork of 
Sand Carved Glass of "Romaine Evans"
(upper left hand corner)
Click on the photo to see more of this stunning artwork
and their beautiful home! 

Sand Carved Glass by Lex Melfi (Romaine Evans)

Sand Carved Glass by Lex Melfi (Romaine Evans)

Another Amazing Sand Carved Glass by Lex!!
Meet beautiful Model "Romaine Evans" 
{click on both photos to see this stunning piece enlarged}

{Images are not to be removed from this website,
images are copyrighted to Lex Melfi. Thank You!}

Please use the scroll bar inside this window to 
see more of Lex's Sand Carved Glass. 


"Thank you Mark Faircloth, 
for giving Lex the opportunity to create this 
image on glass for you.
He really enjoyed it"! 

{click on photo to see this stunning piece enlarged}

Lex has done it again and has created
 an exquisite piece of Art Deco, "A Mucha Study" 
The dimensions are 47"H x 21-1/2" W

Click on the picture to see the outstanding details!

Mermaid Now Available!
Size:  35 1/2"x 251/2"

Contact Lex to reserve yours now! 

{click on photo to see detail}


save_our_gulf_lex_melfi_sand_carved_glass.jpg (1357261 bytes)

~ View Guy Harvey 
Sand Carved Glass Here ~

This unique sand carved glass piece was created especially for 
The Ocean Foundation for Guy Harvey
Lex Melfi is one of the few sand carved glass artists in the world 
and has created this masterpiece depicting 
Guy Harvey’s work entitled 
“Save Our Gulf.” 
It captures a variety of fish that have been “sand carved” 
on ˝ inch plate glass with the antique nautical map of 
The Gulf of Mexico etched into the background.
Please click on picture above to see the details 
of this stunning piece of artwork! 


*** View Lex's New Video ***
by Docent~Prodigy
Click on the link below:

 Scout Boats Sailfish
Glass Sail Fish Sand Carved by artist Lex Melfi
Art work is exclusively for Scout Boats 
by world renowned artist Guy Harvey.  
Every 350 Abaco Scout Boat that is sold will come with a 
'Certificate of Authenticity' for art work created
go ahead and catch' the sail fish above to see the boats...


sand carved glass Gamecock
*click on picture above to see details*

October 10th, 2009
Lex's Artwork For Sale!
Here's your opportunity
to own a magnificent piece of
Lex Melfi's Sand Carved Glass of your very own..

Loggerhead Turtle Sand Carved Glass by Lex Melfi
*Please click on picture to enlarge
and pricing and contact information*

Loggerhead Turtle Sand Carved Glass by Lex Melfi
Sand Carved Loggerhead Turtle For Sale
For Exquisite Detail Click on Picture


January 13th, 2009 Update*
Lex has completed the Kitchen Stove Backsplash.

lex_melfi_sand_carved_glass_kitchen_backsplash_3.jpg (317043 bytes)  lex_melfi_sand_carved_glass_kitchen_backsplash_2.jpg (245072 bytes)

lex_melfi_sand_carved_glass_kitchen_backsplash_1.jpg (323677 bytes)   
Click to see larger photo's 

-----> lex_melfi_sand_carved_glass_kitchen_backsplash_close-up.jpg (366216 bytes) <------
Close-Up* can be seen by clicking 
on the above photo*

Lex's Latest Masterpiece:

The Matterhorn Mountain Sand Carved Glass by Lex Melfi
Matterhorn Completed
 3' 10" H x 3' 8"W
1.168 x 1.118 m 
(don't miss viewing the larger photo by clicking on it)


Recent Art by Lex

Mother Mary and Baby Jesus, Sand Carved Glass by Lex Melfi
......click to see larger photo....

Lex has finished the sand carved sculpture of 
Mother Mary & Baby Jesus.
7' 6" H x 3' 4" W
2.286 x 1.016 m
The glass is 72" tall and 40" wide.
 The gazebo is on the yards of the 
Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church
 in Charleston, South Carolina.

Mother Mary and Baby Jesus, Sand Carved Glass by Lex Melfi
Close up
click for larger photo (648 x 1221 pixels)

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