Sand Carved Glass by Lex Melfi (Romaine Evans)

~Michael & Romaine Evans Beautiful Home!~
You can see Lex Melfi's Completed Art Work of "Romaine Evans"
(upper left hand corner)

You can see how the pretty blues of the Sand Carved Glass
compliment the home along with the Sky Blue Ceiling in the dining area.

Lex Melfi ~ Sand Carved Glass ~ Romaine Evans
close up of Sand Carved Glass ~ Romaine Evans


Lex Melfi Sand Carved Glass ~ Romaine Evans ~ Game Room
this is a photo of the game room on the 2nd floor showing the other side
of Lex Melfi's Sand Carved Glass of beautiful Romaine Evans ~
It's simply amazing how you can see through the glass looking to the first floor level. 
The reflections of Lex's artwork off of the windows at dusk downstairs would take your breathe away.
It's just magical & spectacular ! 

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