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Sand Carved Glass
by Lex

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sand carved glass
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Church Windows, Sand Carved Glass
Grace Episcopal
Church Windows
*each glass panel
8'H x 3' 3"W
2.134 x.9906 m

sand carved glass

Sand Carved Glass,
Marsh Scene by Lex,
Savanna's Restaurant
Summerville, SC
4'4"H x 4'W
1.372 x 1.219m

eagle_sand_carved_glass_lex_melfi.jpg (127400 bytes)
Sand Carved Glass
1' 8"H x 2'2"W
0.508 x0.6604 m

underwater_scene_counter_top_lex_melfi.jpg (305651 bytes)
Underwater Scene
Counter Top

Sand Carved Glass, Morris Island Lighthouse and The Spirit of South Carolina by Lex Melfi
Morris Island Lighthouse
& The Spirit of 
South Carolina
3'2" H x 2'9" W
0.9652 x 0.8382 m

sand_carved_glass_coat_of_arms_mcmurray.jpg (552265 bytes)
Coat of Arms
*new photo*
2' H x 1'9"W
0.5842 x 0.5334 m





About Lex:  
Lex Melfi was born and
raised  in Summerville, South Carolina USA & discovered his passion 
for Sand Carved Glass 
in Miami 1997...

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Sand Carved Glass 
by Lex
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sand carved glass
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marsh scene
Marsh Scene
4'6" H x 5'6" W
1.372 x1.676 m

marsh_scene2_residential_sand_carved_glass_lex_melfi.jpg (414067 bytes)
Above March Scene

Custom Glass Door
Custom Glass Door
8' H x 4' W
2.438 x 1.219 m

marsh_scene2a_sand_carved_glass_lex_melfi.jpg (206341 bytes)
Custom Residential 
Sand Carved Glass
4'4" H x 6'7" W
1.321 x 2.007 m

state_capital_sand_carved_lex_melfi.jpg (255789 bytes)
SC State Capital
3' H x 4' W
0.9144 x 1.219 m

pelican_sand_carved_glass.jpg (249689 bytes)
Awesome Pelican

counter_top_sand_carved_glass.jpg (1162586 bytes)
Counter Top*
'Underwater Scene'
5' H x 8' 6" W
1.524 x 2.591 m

sand_carved_glass_kitchen_counter_top_lex_melfi_.jpg (313126 bytes)
*new photo*

*Photography does
not do this photo
 justice at all 





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Summerville, South Carolina USA
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Photography by Lex's Father, Buddy Melfi
Fuji S9100/9.0 Megapixel Camera
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